Frequently Asked Questions About Homeopathy


What Is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a well known branch of medical science. In homeopathy the immune system of human body is stimulated to fight against the disease itself. When right homeopathic medicine with right dose and potency is given, body starts healing itself without creating any side effects. Read more about what is homeopathy here.

Is Homeopathy Really a Proven Medical Science?

Yes, Homeopathy is medical science which is based on experiments and practicals. In homeopathy each and every medicine is tested on healthy human beings and their effects are recorded. This process of testing (known as proving) is very extensive and detailed. Medicine is given to people of different ages and genders and each and every symptom is recorded. All this data is recorded in the homeopathic pharmacopoeia (Materia Medica) which lists all medicines and symptoms/signs that they can cure.

Some People Say That Homeopathic Medicines Are Only Sugar Pills OR Placebos? Is It Correct?

This is a myth and misconception created by people who don’t know about Homeopathy and its principles. The sugar pills are just the carriers. Homeopathic Medicines containing active ingredients are poured onto these sugar pills. It means homeopathic medicines are absorbed into the sugar pills.

Also all homeopathic medicines are available in liquid form too.

Why All Patients Are Given Same White Pills?

As mentioned in last answer, the white sugar pills are only carriers or vehicles of homeopathic medicines. Same white pills of different sizes are given to every patient. But the medicines present inside those white pills are always different for different patients. Each patient is given different medicine depending upon their disease and symptoms.

Are Homeopathic Medicines Steroids?

This is another rumor, misconception and myth about homeopathy. Homeopathic medicines are not steroids. Homeopathic medicines are prepared from different natural sources like plants, animals, metals, minerals etc and are vigorously tested on healthy human beings before using in clinics. That’s why homeopathy is considered as the safest way of treating diseases with minimum or no side effects.

Homeopathic Medicines Act Slowly and Need a Long Time to Cure Patients. Is It True?

This is another myth. The fact is that homeopathy is a very fast method of treatment. For many acute medical problems usually few doses are enough to cure the problem completely. While in old, complicated and chronic cases, longer time may be required.

The actual time required for complete healing depends upon the severity of problem and strength of immune system of patient. The homeopathic medicines only strengthen the body’s immune system and make it capable of fighting the disease itself. Once this goal is achieved, there is no need of homeopathic medicines and body fights and heals the diseases very rapidly.

Is It Correct That Homeopathic Medicines Are More Effective and Safe Than Allopathic Medicines?

Yes it is true and there are reasons behind it. Homeopathic medicines boost the immune system of body to cure the disease itself. It cures the body by treating the main underlying cause of the disease.

On the other hand most of the Allopathic medicines only treat symptoms and not the underlying causes. For example pain killers only block the transmission of pain signals to brain and don’t cure the problem that was causing that pain. The cough syrups stop the phlegm expulsion that can result in the accumulation of phlegm in lungs. The antibiotics kill all unwanted as well as wanted micro-organisms in the human body. As a result one problem is solved but many other problems are created due to killing of bacteria that were necessary for the body.

Is Same Homeopathic Medicine Is Given To All Patients Having Same Disease?

No. In homeopathy every patient is treated differently depending upon their complete set of symptoms. Two patients with same disease may be given entirely different homeopathic medicines depending upon their complete set of symptoms.

Suppose there are 2 patients of Asthma having same general symptoms like wheezing and chest congestion. But one of the patients gets relief when she throws her head backwards. Based on this peculiar symptom the homeopathic medicine of this patient will be different from the other patient.

In case of Anal Fistula, a patient with burning and pricking pain in anus will be given Berberis Vulgaris and a patient who feels itching around anus will be given Paeonia or Causticum as a homeoapthic remedy.

What Is The Best Time to Take Homeopathic Medicines?

You should NOT eat or drink anything at least 15-30 minutes before and after taking homeopathic medicines.

What Foods Should Be Avoided While Taking Homeopathic Medicines?

Don’t use coffee, mint, camphor, raw garlic and raw onion while you are using homeopathic medicines. These foods reduce the effects of homeopathic medicines and can delay the healing process. Don’t take medicines after brushing your teeth. The taste of your mouth should be neutral while taking homeopathic medicines.

I Am A Diabetic and Don’t Want to Take Sweet Pills

All homeopathic medicines are available in sweet pills, sugar free pills and in liquid form. The diabetic patients can take sugar free pills or medicines in liquid form.

Can I Take Other Medicines Along With Homeopathic Medicines?

If you are already taking some other medicines for some other medical problems, you should keep on using those medicines. Homeopathic medicines can be taken safely with other medicines. If you are taking homeopathic medicines and other conventional medicines for the same medical problem, then you should consult your homeopathic doctor for the best advice. Normally you can take both medicines and gradually reduce the doses of conventional medicines when your health condition improves.

After Taking Homeopathic Medicines My Symptoms Were Aggravated. Is There Any Danger?

A homeopathic medicine is considered a right remedy if it:

  • Aggravates the symptoms
  • Reduces the symptoms
  • Changes the form of symptoms

So the answer is, NO. If your symptoms are aggravated after taking homeopathic medicines, it is a sign that your body is healing. Usually this aggravation is for very short period of time and with the passage of time, the symptoms disappear or convert into some other symptoms. You must be in close and constant contact with your homeopathic doctor as frequent change of dose, potency and remedies may be required in this case.

Can I Take Homeopathic Medicines During Pregnancy?

Most of the homeopathic medicines are safe to use during pregnancy. In many cases the homeopathic medicines are useful for the mother and fetus. Many hereditary problems can also be cured in fetus when medicines are taken during pregnancy.

But to be on the safe side, always take homeopathic medicines from a reputed homeopathic doctor, especially during pregnancy. Don’t ever take any homeopathic medicine on your own. This may be dangerous for the health of both mother and fetus.

Can I Use Homeopathic Medicines For Acute Problems?

Homeopathic medicines are quite effective in almost all acute diseases like flu, diarrhea, fever, headache, constipation, pain, inflammation etc. Acute problems are medical condition that are not older than 6 months. These problems usually have strong symptoms in the start. In most of the cases, acute problems are fully cured within few days of homeopathic treatment. Very often 1-2 doses of right potency are enough for complete cure.

My Doctors Recommended Surgery. Can Homeopathic Medicines Cure Me Without Surgery?

Many people turn to homeopathic medicines because they want to avoid surgery. In medical conditions like fistula, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, tonsillitis, warts, piles, back bone disc issues etc the only solution offered by physicians and surgeons is operation/surgery. People usually want to avoid surgeries because they are expensive, painful, has lots of side effects and has lesser success rates.

In homeopathy most of the medical conditions are treated without surgery. Homeopathic way of treatment is very effective in cases that usually require surgical operations. If you are advised for a surgery by your physician, you must contact a homeopathic doctor for a second opinion.

Do Homeopathic Doctors Suggest Surgery?

In most of the cases, surgery is not recommended by homeopathic doctors. But in some cases surgery may be advised. For example if a patient has a number of large stones in her gallbladder, then surgery may be suggested. Also in some case of Hernia, the only solution may be surgery.

Can Homeopathy Cure Cancer?

There are some diseases and conditions in the medical science that are currently incurable. Cancer is included in the list of those incurable diseases. But it does not means that homeopathic medicines are not effective in the treatment of cancer. Homeopathy can help the cancer patients to live longer, healthy, happy and easy life. Medicines are quite effective to reduce or block the spread of cancer to other organs. In some cases the cancer of some patients was fully healed too. But it is not always the case.

In homeopathy there is no guarantee that cancer will be cured or healed completely. But great relief and help can be given to patient as compared to other methods of treatments.