What is Homeopathy and How it Cures Diseases


Homeopathy is a well know medical science that was discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann of Germany about 200 years ago. This branch of medical science is the youngest of the newest systems of medicine. In Homeopathy the body’s immune system is stimulated and strengthened to such a level that it becomes capable of fighting the diseases itself. This is the natural, safest and most reliable way of treatment.

To understand how Homeopathic medicines work and cure the diseases, we need to know how our body’s immune system actually works.

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In Homeopathy, the symptoms are taken as an indication of some internal system’s problem(a) and are treated accordingly.

How Our Body Immune System Works?

Every human being is gifted with an immune system that is always active and guarding us from bad micro organisms, infections and other factors that try to harm our body’s systems or organs. All parts of our body work in a harmony. Sometimes this harmony is disturbed due to some factors like infection, injury, shock or stress. In such cases our body systems become unstable and imbalanced.

In this situation, our body’s immune system jumps in, to control the problems. Immune system tries to kill the infection causing organisms (bacteria or viruses) and try to heal the wounds to make our body system stable again. During this process certain symptoms or signs are observed in the person. These signs indicate that our body is trying to fight against the diseases itself. These symptoms usually go away when the internal problem is solved.

In certain cases, the body’s immune system is not so strong to cure the disease itself and need some external help in the form of medicines. In such cases, again some specific signs and symptoms are observed in the patient that indicate that something is wrong inside the body. These symptoms are usually persistent and don’t go away till the problem inside our body is completely resolved.

Example-1: Immune System is Strong Enough to Heal The Problem:

When you get a small cut on your hand, there is instant bleeding. Due to cut on hand your body’s system was disturbed. At this situation, your immune system becomes active and start the process of blood clotting. Due to this action your bleeding is stopped. After some days your wound is completely closed and healed. See, you did not take any medications but your problem was solved by your immune system alone.

In this example your body did not require any medication. The reason was that your immune system was strong enough to fight the problem itself and heal the wound.

Example-2: Immune System Cannot Control the Disease/Problem:

Suppose you get a really big cut or wound on your arm. There was lots of bleeding, pain and trouble. In this situation your immune system alone is not capable of controlling the situation. That’s why you need immediate medical treatment that includes stitching and applying some medicine on the wound.

In this example we used stitches and certain medicines that were needed because our immune system alone was not capable of controlling the situation.

When Your Body Needs Homeopathic Medicines?

In Example-2 (above), our body’s immune system was not capable of healing the big wound, itself. In such cases our body needs help and assistance from external sources to fight the disease. In these situations the homeopathic medicines are used to play their role. When right homeopathic medicine with right potency and dose is given to patient (based on the symptoms of patient), the immune system become stimulated and stronger to fight the particular condition or disease. When this happens, our body starts healing automatically, all infections are cleared and unwanted micro-organisms are killed.

In most of the acute conditions, one or few doses of homeo medicines are enough to cure the problem. But in some chronic and complicated cases many weeks or months may be required to completely heal the body.

How Homeopathy Differs from Allopathic Way of Treatment?

In Allopathy, medicines are usually used to eliminate the symptoms. These conventional medicines suppress the symptoms and patient feels that he/she is cured. But actually, the main problem causing those symptoms was not treated and cured. Because the body’s internal system was not healed, it may show another external symptom in another way showing something is wrong inside.

In Homeopathy, the symptoms are taken as an indication of some internal system’s problem(s). Homeo medicines are administered to cure root cause of disease. As a result both external symptoms and internal diseases are treated and patient is actually cured 100%.

Example – How Homeopathic Medicines Cure Diseases?

One of the symptoms of Asthma includes rashes on patient’s skin. Due to internal disturbance and problem in the lungs, body’s immune system express a symptom like skin rashes. Actually immune system tries to cure the problem itself by expelling the disease from inside to outside of the body. When such a patient visits a general physician and complains for rashes on skin, the expected remedies are lotion, ointment or tablets to treat only those rashes. As a result of these medicines the rashes of the skin will disappear and will also nullify the efforts of our body’s immune system to cure the problem itself.

But when such a patient visits a homeopathic doctor, the skin rashes are taken as a symptom of some internal disease. Homeopathic doctor will examine the patient closely and will ask several questions about his/her mood, feelings and other external symptoms(if any). By closely observing all these symptoms, usually a single remedy will be given. This remedy will stimulate and strengthen the immune system that was already trying to cure Asthma on its own. Now, with the foreign aid (in the form of homeopathic medicine) the immune system will become strong enough to eliminate the problem in the lungs and air passages. With the passage of time patient will be completely healed. The internal problem (Asthma) and external symptom (skin rashes) both will be cured completely.

Please note that for each patient of Asthma, the homeopathic medicine will be different because each patient may show different set of symptoms.

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