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This website is your online Homeopathic Doctor. You can share your medical problem(s) with us and one of your homeopathic doctors will study your case and suggest you right medicines. You can take your medicines from your nearby homeopathic store. We charge small fees for suggesting the medicines to cover our website expenses.

We have dedicated a complete section where we discuss numerous common medical problems and how they can be treated using homeopathic approach. You can study these diseases and match them with your symptoms and report us. Please don’t ever take any medicine on your own OR it may worsen your disease. Please read our medical disclaimer for details.

There is a growing trend in whole world to get homeopathic medicines for treating complex diseases instead of using conventional Allopathic treatment methods. In homeopathy, surgery is only recommended in very special (1% or less) cases while in 99% of other cases all problems are treated using harmless homeo medicines. The common problems like Fistula, Fissure, kidney stones, gallbladder stones, heart related problems, piles, kidney failure, Sciatica and other back bone related diseases are cured without any operation or surgery. Many people prefer homeopathic medicines to treat these diseases because they don’t want to go for surgery.

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Types of Diseases We Do Treat Online:

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in curing chronic diseases like Anal Fistula, TB, Hepatitis A, B, C, Hydrocephalus Baby, tumors, Typhoid Fever etc. In summary for all types of chronic or acute medical problems Homeopathy has been proved as a safe, inexpensive and more effective way of treatment, worldwide.

We have also dedicated a section where we discuss most common diseases and medical conditions in detail.  You can get good information about these diseases, common symptoms, causes and how they can be treated in Homeopathy.

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Homeopathy Knowledge-Base:

Many of our website visitors and subscribers are homeopathic students or doctors and want to do more research online regarding different diseases, medicines, principles, case studies and other related information. Also there is a growing trend in masses who want to know about history and art of homeopathy cure. People want to know what is homeopathy and why and how Homeopathy is safe and better method of treatment than other conventional methods. You can also find answers of Frequently Asked Questions About Homeopathy on this website.

Due all these reasons, we will be sharing content about different aspects of homeopathy.

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Case Studies and Homeopathy Success Stories:

Homeopathy can do miracles if symptoms are observed carefully and right medicine is given in right doses. Everyday, many chronic and acute diseases are cured by using homeopathic medicines of our doctors. We do want to share our success stories with our readers to increase their trust in homeopathic treatment. Most of the times, our patients don’t want to disclose their identity, so we may not use exact names and addresses of patients while publishing their case studies.

If you are a homeopathic doctor and want to share your case studies on this website, please send your details and full case study using our contact form.

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