How to Get Online Homeopathic Treatment?


Our team of professional Homeopathic doctors offer online Homeopathic treatment services to people of all countries. Here are the 3 easy steps to get treatment from one of our online homeopathic doctors.

Step#1 – Share Your Problem, Symptoms and Medical Reports:

Use the contact Form at the end of this page to submit details of your medical problem(s). You must fill all fields correctly and completely. You must clearly describe about your medical problem(s) and all symptoms. Please note that it is very necessary to share your mental feelings, emotions and physical symptoms, even if you think that they are not related to your problem.

Step#2 – Pay Consultation For 1 Month:

Click Here for Instructions to Pay your consultation fee.

Step#3 – Our Doctor Will Contact You and Suggest You Homeopathic Medicines:

Your case will be reviewed by one of our doctors. We will ask you several questions to collect all symptoms and better understand the problem. After that homeopathic medicines will be suggested for 1 month.

If you are from Pakistan your medicines will be shipped to your address. If you are not from Pakistan you will get list of medicines with complete instructions. You will have to buy the prescribed medicines from your local area.

Repeat the Process:

You must note that every changing symptom and update us. Once you have taken 1 month’s medicines, you will have to consult again for another month’s medicines. Repeat the process till you are fully healed.

Share Your Medical Problem:

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