Best Homeopathic Treatment of Hydrocephalus Baby Enlarged Head


Definition – What is Hydrocephalus or Enlarged Head Issue in Babies?

The word hydrocephalus is derived from “hyrdo” meaning water and “cephalus” meaning head. It corresponds to a condition when excess CSF (cerebrospinal fluid) builds up in the brain causing it to swell up like a balloon. Too much CSF can cause the brain to function abnormally due to the increase in pressure. This problem is mostly seen in newborn babies, that’s why the term “Hydrocephalus Baby” is more commonly used for this condition.

This condition can also occur in young people but more common in children and people in their old ages (after 60 years).

What is HydroCephalus Baby or Big Head Baby Issue

In hydrocephalus, brain (head) of patient is enlarged due to accumulation of fluid. This condition is also called “Water on Brain”. More Common in newborn babies.

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What is Water Head Baby?

image for Water Head Baby

The Hydrocephalus Babies are often called “Water Head Babies” because their heads are swollen because of water/fluid retention – Image Credit:

The “water head baby” is another term used for the baby patient with hydrocephalus. This term is used by common people for better understanding of this medical condition. As hydrocephalus occurs due to water retention in the body of (usually) new born babies, the term “water head babies” is often used.


What Are Possible Causes of Hydrocephalus Baby?.

Normally the CSF (fluid) flows around our spinal cord and brain. But sometimes there is a blockage in the flow of CSF in brain. Due to this blockage the CSF start accumulating in the ventricles of brain. This condition is the Hydrocephalus or “water on brain”.

The most common factors, causes and reasons of Hydrocephalus in babies include:

  • Premature birth
  • Presence of a brain tumor or lesion
  • Head injury or trauma
  • Genetic abnormality
  • Rubella virus
  • Central nervous system injury
  • Complications during delivery
Shunt Placement For Hydrocephalus Treatment Image

Shunt is tube that is inserted in the brain ventricles to drain the excessive fluid in the abdominal cavity. Not a permanent solution. Image Source:

Signs and Symptoms of Hydrocephalus Baby:

The common signs and symptoms include:

  • Bulging head with increased circumference
  • Vomiting and less feeding
  • Prominent scalp veins with increased irritability
  • Seizures
  • Eyes pointing downwards
  • Fussiness combined with increased sleepiness
  • Weak and thin legs
  • Chillness and fuss while bathing

Symptoms of Hydrocephalus in Adults:

Hydrocephalus can also occur in adults especially after 60 years of age. In adults following symptoms are commonly seen:

  • Patient cannot walk properly due to balance problem
  • Problem with coordination of body
  • Issues of double vision of blurred vision may be seen
  • Due to Mental over strain frequent headaches may be observed that may result in nausea and vomiting
  • Eyes are deviated downwards
  • Other signs may include irritability, drowsiness and lethargy etc
Best Homeopathic Treatment of Hydrocephalus Baby Image

Homeopathic Treatment of Hydrocephalus Baby is safe and effective. Removes fluid from brain ventricles and stops formation of more fluid. Image Source:

How Proper Diagnosis of Hydrocephalus is Carried Out?

  • Physical examination of head, eyes and motor skills
  • CT scan
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound of head and brain

All these tests are necessary because it not only diagnose the issue but also gives detailed study of intensity and severity. Proper tests are very helpful in the selection of right homeopathic medicine for patient.

Difference Between Normal and Hydrocephalus Baby Image

This image shows difference between the head of normal and hydrocephalus baby. In hydrocephalus baby (on right) the ventricles are enlarged due to fluid retention, head has become bigger, Gyri flattened and narrow sulci. Image Credit:

Usual Ways of Hydrocephalus Treatment in Allopathy:

There are two ways to treat hydrocephalus baby in allopathy; Ventriculostomy and Shunt insertion.

  • Shunt insertion is a surgical procedure in which a tube is inserted in to the brain with the other end connected to the abdominal cavity. The excess fluid leaves the brain and gets absorbed in the body easily; however it needs permanent monitoring because shunt is typically installed on a permanent basis.
  • Ventriculostomy corresponds to drilling a hole at the bottom of the ventricles which allows the excess CSF to flow. It is a one time procedure.

The above mentioned procedures put the hydrocephalus babies at high risk as the results are not guaranteed by the surgeons. Bacterial infection and obstruction are life threatening effects for the baby. Parents are doubtful in this regard as whether to adopt this treatment or not.

Best and Perfect Treatment of Hydrocephalus Babies in Homeopathy:

The hydrocephalus baby can be treated by homeopathy in a number of ways without any side effects. Following are some of the common homeopathic medicines that may be used according to the severity of the condition and signs and symptoms:

  • Silicea
  • Calceria phosphorica
  • Sulfur
  • Iodine
  • Apocynum
  • Apis mellifica
  • Helleborus
  • Zincum

Hydrocephalus Baby Allopathic Treatment vs Homeopathic Treatment:

Homeopathic treatment is known to cure the disease by eliminating the root cause of the condition. It not just removes the symptoms, it eradicates the condition permanently. It may take more time than the typical Allopathic ways but there are no side effects of the medicines. The drops or pills are devised according to the potency required by the patient. In case of treating hydrocephalus babies, homeopathic treatment mainly balances the electrolytes in the brain without undergoing the surgical procedures.

  • Allopathic treatment involves surgical procedures for the brain which are seldom recommended for the babies.
  • The side effects of the surgery can be of pathological nature i.e. bacterial infection can prove deadly for the delicate brain of the baby.
  • Homeopathic remedy is cost effective too.
  • High risk surgery with few chances of survival is never an acceptable option.
  • Last but not the least, there are no side effects of homeopathic treatment.

How To Treat Hydrocephalus Baby Before Birth (Fetus Baby)?

Many times the enlarged swollen head (Hydrocephalus) can be diagnosed in fetus baby before birth. We have seen many cases where the head of fetus starts growing abnormally in the uterus of mother. Normally there is no cure for these cases in other medical treatment methods like Allopathy. In the cases where problem is severe, doctors suggest abortion because there is no way to treat it. If a mother had a hydrocephalus baby before, chances are that her next baby will also be suffering from the same issue and another abortion may be suggested by doctors.

The good news is that in Homeopathy, the Hydrocephalus baby issue of fetus can be successfully treated. After reading and studying the reports and tests, proper homeopathic medicine is given to mother of fetus. The homeopathic medicine reaches to fetus through mother and starts working on fetus. When right medicine is administered, gradual improvement is seen after few weeks. If proper homeopathic treatment is done, the full recovery of Hydrocephalus fetus baby is done within few months. In most of the cases, the baby is born healthy and without any Hydrocephalus problem.

Important: An important fact to remember here is to consult a registered homeopathic practitioner only. Never take the medications without seeking the advice of a doctor, be it an Allopathic doctor or a homeopathic doctor.








24 Replies to “Best Homeopathic Treatment of Hydrocephalus Baby Enlarged Head”

  1. My daughter is diagnosed withHydrocephalus her head is not enlarged yet. Can i go ahead with homeopathy to avoid shunt

    1. Hi Gaganpreet Singh,
      Hydrocephalus can be treated using homeopathic medicines. The baby becomes normal with the treatment of some months. If you want to get treatment from our doctors, please let me know. I have just sent you an email for details.
      Thank You.

  2. Hi, my son 16months old suffering from Hydrocephalus and many neurosurgeons has recommended for shunt operation. Also he has bulgy eyes and suffering from optic disk Edima. Is there good medicine in homeopathy for all these problems? He has reached all the required milestones and he is healthy.

  3. Dear Doctor,

    My son is just one month old. He was born with a normal head size but had soft spots on his skull which still there. After few days his head started getting enlarged abnormally. I fear if my son is suffering from hydrocephalus or some other type of macrophaly. For your information he has been having normal feeding and not showing symptoms like vomiting. However, his are gradually getting sunken. Will be grateful if you please give your valuable opinion and recommend treatment for my baby.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear sir,
    My nephew having Hydroceplus since birth
    now he is 4 years old
    we don’t want to do Shunt treatment
    Please help. Thanks
    if you need report, please let me know.

  5. Hey my son is one month old… just done ultra sound on himwhich reveled he has mild hydrocephalus…he doesn’t have any symptoms that are attached to this however his frontal does feel full….any home remedies to treat this so my son don’t have to get surgery done?

    1. Hi Henry,
      Using Homeopathic medicines can help your kid and you can avoid Surgery or Shunt Placement. I have just sent you an email for treatment procedure.
      Thank You.

  6. Dear sir
    My 18 months old boy suffering from meningocele by birth and got surgery .after surgery now he is diagnose with hydrocephalus ,but he has not any problem in growth of body except little enlargement of head.kindly suggest me to avoid shunt and other medicine treatment.

    1. Hi Santosh,
      I have just sent you an email with instructions on how to proceed for treatment of Hydrocephalus for your baby.
      Thank You.

  7. My baby is 16 months old.when she was 4 months old.she was suffering from hydrocelephus.but now that is operated.can we start homeopathic treatment.will it usefull.

    1. Hi Richa,
      Shunt is used to remove extra CSF from brain. It is not cure. It just keeps baby safe from issues with extra levels of CSF built up in ventricles. Yes, Homeopathic medicines can treat this disease. With successful treatment, there is no need of shunt.

  8. Dear Sir,
    will Head size also becomes normal after homeopathy treatment for Hydrocephalus.
    Kindly reply , my nice is already under going the homeopathy treatment, she is suffering from it since her 1 month age and now she is into 6th month, also kindly suggest if any specific food or diet can help it to cure quickly. Baby activities including growth are completely normal except the head size bit more.

    Thanks in advance.

  9. My niece is suffering from hydrocephalus.since 2001 when she was 3 months old.then she was operated 1st time(shunt insurted).now she is 18 years old and 3times shunt revised.we are very worried about her.plz.kindly suggest is there any permanent solution in homeopathy .

  10. Hello Sir I am Patrick From Tanzania my wife had an MRI and the doctor said the lateral ventricals are prominent a conclusion of fetal Hydrocephalus, As i was going through this homeopathic Doctors online i found out that its curable without the shunt and it is safe..

    Please help me with advice on how we can treat the baby who is 36 weeks 2days. Can the treatment be started with the mother or we wait for the baby to be delivered then we start the treatment? and who can administer the treatment? And how closely the monitoring should be during the therapy.

    Please help me please i dont want my wife to in shock as she already on medication from bipolar disorder.

  11. My baby is diagnosed with hydrocephalus and was opratred with ventriculostomy. But not been much improvement for about 3 months now. Pls how can homeopathy help get him better?

  12. My 1 month15 days daughter suffering from mild hydrocephalus but her head reacently normal feeding less grought is not good somtime vomaiting her left eyes not moving properly she can cure by homeopath

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