Curing Anal Fistula in Homeopathy Without Surgery


People who are suffering or have been suffering from Anal Fistula know how painful and bad problem it is. Most of the patients are advised to go through surgery to remove Anal Fistula tract for healing. But is it the right and best solution to cure Fistula? Let’s discuss this topic in detail:

What is Anal Fistula?

Anal Fistula is a medical condition in which an abnormal connection or tract is developed between inner and outer skin of the anus. The outer opening of the fistula tract appears in the form of a wound or hole around the anus. In some cases the outer hole/opening of fistula may occur at the sphincter muscles of anus. In the start of this problem usually there is a single tract and only one opening of fistula on outer skin around anus. But in complicated forms, there may be more branches, complicated tracts and more openings/holes on the skin around anus.

What is Anal Fistula

Anal Fistula is a medical condition in which an abnormal connection or tract is developed between inner and outer skin of the anus.

Do You Have Anal Fistula? Read Common Symptoms and Signs:

The signs and symptoms of Anal Fistula are very clear and obvious and one can easily understand whether one is suffering from this problem or not. Let me list most common signs:

  • An opening/hole/wound around the anus on outer skin is present.
  • There is continuous discharge of pus or blood or both from this opening.
  • Discharge of pus or blood may be more during bowel movement.
  • Patient feels irritation on the skin around anal area.
  • When fistula opening is closed for few days, pus starts accumulating in the wound, inflammation worsens and severe pain with discomfort is observed.
  • Patient feels throbbing pain at the infected area. This pain may be continuous and increases during bowel movement or while sitting down.
  • In some patients with chronic fistula, sometimes air/gas passes through the fistula opening instead of anus.

Signs of Fistula Formed Primarily Because of an Abscess:

When the main cause of Anal Fistula is an abscess in the ano, then patient usually have following signs along with above discussed symptoms:

  • Patient has a high body temperature (100F+), most of the times.
  • Patient may feel discomfort most of the times.
  • Fatigue.

Symptoms of Fistula Caused By Digestive Tract Disorders:

In some patients the main cause of development of Anal Fistula is inflammation of large or small intestines. In these cases patient may feel following symptoms along with above mentioned common symptoms:

  • Patient feels pain in abdominal area.
  • Loss of appetite and weight is observed.
  • There may be complaints of Diarrhea.
  • Vomiting and nausea are also observed in many patients.
What is Peri-Anal Fistula

Peri-Anal Fistula: Fistula Tract Starts From Inner Linings of Anus and Connects to Outer Skin Around Anus. The Pus is Discharged from Outer Opening of Fistula Around Anus.

What Are the Main Causes of Anal Fistula?

There are more than one causes of Anal Fistula. There may be different causes of Fistula in different patients. As discussed in above lines, symptoms of fistula are different in patients when causes are different. Here I am discussing all the possible factors that may cause Fistula in Anus:

Anal Fistula Due to Anal abscess:

There are small glands present inside the Anus. Sometimes bacterial infection is produced in these glands. There may be many reasons of this bacterial infection like AIDS, HIV and other conditions occurring due to weak immune system. Due to infection in Anal gland, pus is formed and severe pain is observed. If this anal abscess is not fully cured or not cured at all, it may develop into Anal Fistula. It is observed that about 40% of people having anal abscess suffer from Fistula. The main symptom of Fistula caused by abscess is high body temperature that may remain above 100F.

Anal Fistula Due to Inflammation of Intestines:

Sometimes inflammation of small or large intestines are developed in some patients. If this condition is not treated properly, it may become complicated and result in the formation of Anal Fistula. The most common conditions in which inflammation of intestines occur include Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease and Diverticulitis. Patients suffering from fistula due to these conditions often complain for the pain in their abdominal areas.

Some Diseases and Medical Conditions That May Cause Anal Fistula:

It is also studied that certain medical conditions and diseases can become the cause of Anal Fistula if not treated properly at the right time. These conditions include:

  • TB (Tuberculosis – Caused due to bacterial infection.)
  • HIV (Immune system becomes weak)
  • AIDS (Immune system is under attack and becomes very weak)
  • Syphilis (STD i.e sexually transmitted disease, can also be transmitted through blood transfusion)
  • Chlaydia (STD i.e sexually transmitted disease)
  • Rectal Cancer
  • Ulcers

What are 5 Types of Anal Fistula?

Anal fistula is classified into 5 different types. The types are defined based on the location of fistula in the anal region around sphincter muscles.

1- Fistula starts from Anus, crosses internal sphincter muscles and appears on outer skin close to anal opening. This type is called Intersphincteric Fistula.

2- Fistula starts from internal Anal area, crosses both external and internal sphincter muscles and appears on skin around anus. This type is called Transsphincteric Fistula.

3- Fistula starts from any part of large intestine and opens near to anus.

4- Fistula tract moves in different directions making complex paths and does not opens on outer skin of anus.

5- Fistula tract opens on both sides of anus. This type is called Horseshoe shaped Fistula due to its shape.

How Diagnosing of Anal Fistula is Performed?

Fistula can be easily diagnosed by yourself by observing its clear and obvious symptoms mentioned above. But your physician may need more tests and examination to find severity, position and complexity of fistula for proper treatment. A good diagnosis also find outs the possible cause(s) of fistula. For example a person may be suffering from HIV, Aids, Crohn’s diseases, Syphilis, Colon Cancer, Ulcerative Colitis, Tuberculosis or ulcers. In such cases special attention is required to address the treatment of these condition along with the treatment of Anal Fistula. OR the complete cure of Fistula may not be possible.

Here are the some methods and tests usually carried out to diagnose fistula, its severity and causes:

Physical Examination to Diagnose Fistula:

Sometimes it is necessary to physically examine the anal area to confirm that whether patient is actually suffering from Anal Fistula or not. If physician finds following signs then it means that wound near anus is really a fistula:

  • Wound/opening is present near anus that secretes pus and is reddish in color.
  • Inflammation is observed on the wound.
  • The path or tract of fistula can be felt as a cord like structure under the skin that is usually hard.

DRE (Digital Rectal Examination) to Find Secondary Fistula Tracts:

During DRE, a specialist or trained technician places his finger (covered with glove and lubricant) inside rectum to find the internal opening of fistula tract and to find its secondary branches (if any). During this test the functionality of sphincter muscles is also examine. Patient is asked to contract his/her sphincter muscles to see whether they are functioning properly or not.

Using Fistula Probe and Special Telescope to Closely Examine Fistula Tract:

Sometimes a proctoscope is used to examine the inside area of rectum that helps to find the roots and complexity of fistula. Proctoscope is a special type of tiny telescope that has a light on its end. Another tiny instrument used for the same purpose is called fistula probe that is inserted into the rectal area for detailed examination.

Ultrasound Test to Find Internal Opening of Fistula:

Ultrasound or Anal Endosonography is a test that uses sound waves of special high frequency to take the image of your rectum area from inside. This test helps to find exact location where Anal Fistula opens inside the anus.

MRI Scan:

To find the location, complexity and severity of fistula, MRI Scan (Magnetic resonance imaging) is conducted. In this test all branches or roots of fistula are captured in an image. This is very helpful test when your fistula is chronic or re-occurs after treatment. This test also helps to distinguish between an Anal Abscess and Anal Fistula. Some patients only have an abscess and they believe that they are suffering from fistula due to similar symptoms. MRI Scan clarifies this doubt.

CT Scan:

This scan (Computerised Tomography Scan) is very useful because it produces a very detailed and clear pictures of internal human body. This test can also check whether patient is suffering from inflammation of large intestine or not. The inflammation of colon is the indication of Crohn’s disease and IBS. This test is usually done when the patient of fistula is also suffering from problems and complications in his bowel movements.

Any Best Allopathic Medicine To Cure Fistula?

Please note that in Allopathy, Fistula is not treated using any medicines. That’s why there are no best allopathic medicines to cure fistula. In Allopathy surgery is the only way to treat fistula (99% of cases).

But there are few cases of Fistula where the wound heals itself and there is no need of operation. This can only be checked by an experienced physician. The location of fistula and number of tracts (single or multiple) are checked by doctor to determine the best possible Allopathic treatment. If doctor thinks that Fistula wound can heal without surgery then certain antibiotics, pain killers and stool softeners and Allopathic medicines to prevent constipation can be given to patient. If, after certain period of time, the wound is not healed or it starts growing then surgery is conducted.

Conventional Allopathic Methods to Treat Anal Fistula:

In conventional allopathy there are different methods to treat Anal Fistula. Although these methods are not reliable and don’t provide satisfactory results, majority of people use them. Let me briefly describe these treatment methods:

Surgeries to Remove Or Heal Anal Fistula:

The most common treatment of Anal Fistula is surgery. There are different types of surgeries that are conducted to cure anal fistula. All surgeries are done under a local or general anesthesia. Some of these types are discussed below:

Fistulotomy Surgery:

Complete fistula tract is cut and opened starting from internal to external opening. All pus and other content is removed from tract and is then closed. Sometimes a portion of sphincter muscles is also removed. If surgery is successful, fistula tract will be healed within 2-3 months.

Seton (Surgical Thread) Insertion Technique:

In this type of surgery a surgical thread called seton is placed in the fistula tract for few months. Purpose is to keep the fistula tract open and drain the fistula properly. After complete draining of pus and all other content, fistula is healed.

Advancement Flap Surgery:

During this surgery a small portion of tissue from rectum is removed, which is called advancement flap. Then the fistula tract is removed from anus. Finally the advancement flap is attached at the internal opening of fistula to close it properly.

Bioprosthetic Plug (Surgery):

In this surgery a cone-shaped plug is created using the natural human tissues. This plug (bioprosthetic plug) is inserted in the fistula tract. One end of plug is closed to completely block the internal opening of fistula. The other end of plug is kept open to allow the pus and content drain off from external fistula opening. With the passage of time natural tissues start growing around the plug to heal fistula tract.

Fibrin Glue Injection (Non-Surgical Allopathic Method):

Through the external opening of fistula, fibrin glue is injected into the fistula tract and external opening is then closed completely. The fibrin glue completely seals the fistula tract and heals it.

Why Homeopathic Doctors Don’t Recommend Allopathic Surgical and Non-Surgical Methods to Treat Anal Fistula:

Homeopathic doctors are strictly against the use of all above mentioned surgical and non-surgical methods. Following are the main disadvantages of using surgery to treat fistula:

1- The success rate of fistula cure using surgery is very less.

2- Most of the times more than 1 surgeries are required to heal fistula tract completely.

3- After surgery usually 2-3 months are required for proper healing. During this period daily dressing of wound and sitting in warm water is required.

4- Surgery is an expensive method of treatment. Not all patients can afford it.

5- Patients at older ages cannot afford surgery because they are physically weak.

6- Recurrence of fistula is seen after surgery. So there is always need of more operations.

7- During surgery a part of sphincter muscles is removed. This can lead to poor control on bowel movements.

8- Local anesthetics, general anesthetics and heavy antibiotics are used during and after surgery that produce lots of toxic and side effects in the body.

9- After so called “successful surgeries” there are chances that fistula tract may spread upwards to the other organs of body like colon etc.

How Anal Fistula is Cured Completely Using Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathic treatment is very effective in curing Anal Fistula. This method is 100% safe and their are no side effects. The main reason of success of homeopathic treatment is that it activates and stimulates the body’s immune system. When immune system is properly activated, it fights naturally against the pus formation and infection in the fistula tract. The homeopathic medicines work in following way to treat Anal Fistula completely:

1- All pus and content present in fistula tract is drained off completely.

2- New pus and infection formation is controlled by stimulating and strengthening the immune system.

3- After pus and infection is cleared from fistula tract, it is naturally healed and closed forever.

Benefits of Homeopathic Treatment of Anal Fistula:

Here are some top benefits of using homeopathic medicines to cure fistula in ano:

1- Homeopathic medicines are completely safe and there are no side effects or toxic effects.

2- The success rate of homeopathic treatment is very high. Most of the patients are completely cured.

3- There are almost zero chances of recurrence of fistula after homeopathic treatment is complete.

4- In homeopathy natural immune system of body is activated and stimulated that heals the fistula in natural way. So there are no side effects or complications.

5- There is no need of surgery or operation.

6- Homeopathic treatment is best for the patients of all ages including old people.

7- The sphincter muscles that are usually damaged due to fistula are also cured completely and full bowel control is attained in a natural way.

8- Homeopathy is very in-expensive method of treatment because you don’t need to spend on multiple surgeries and costly medicines.

9- Fistula is completely cured within 2-6 months in most of the cases.

How Much Time is Required to Cure Anal Fistula Completely Through Homeopathic Medicines?

As mentioned above, normally 2-6 months are enough to cure most of the patients of anal fistula. When problem of fistula is older and chronic, it may spread in different directions and make many new branches or roots. In such cases more time may be required to drain and heal complete fistula tract.

Also, in some chronic conditions where the main cause of fistula is other disease (like Crohn’s Disease, TB or Syphilis), treatment may take longer time. But the ultimate advantage is that those diseases are also cured along with fistula. When fistula and underlying causing diseases are completely cured by homeopathic medicines, there are no chances of occurrence of fistula even in next generations.

What Are the Homeopathic Medicines Used to Treat Anal Fistula?

Homeopathic is a treatment method which is very different from conventional and allopathic treatment. In conventional methods usually there are same medicines or procedures that are applied on all patients to cure a disease. But in homeopathy different persons even with same problem are treated differently depending on symptoms and nature of patient. For example if a fistula patient complains for pricking and burning pain in anus then remedy will be different. On the other hand if patient feels itching around the anus then remedy will be different.

Here are some common homeopathic medicines that are used to treat anal fistula. But please keep in mind that these are not the only remedies that are used to cure this disease:

Hydrastis: This medicine is good for patients having chronic constipation and who feel pain in the anus after bowel movements.

Nitric Acid: Burning pain in anus for many hours after bowel movement. Patient is exhausted after bowel movement. Great difficulty while passing stools. Works when both anal fistula and fissure are present.

Causticum: Patient needs to put lots of force and pressure to expel the stools from anus. Very hard stools are passed. Stool passing is only possible in standing position. There is burning pain, itching and great soreness in anus and rectum.

Berberis Vulgaris: This medicine works great for patients who feel burning and pricking pain around and inside the anus. This pain increases while doing physical activities like walking and lifting weight etc. Patient feels some sort of sensation in his rectum continuously.

Paeonia: In rectal and anal region patient feels immense biting and itching sensations. Ulcers in rectum are also present. Burning feeling after bowel movement. Another symptom is constant discharge of some liquid or moisture from anus. Sudden diarrhea with fainting feeling in abdomen may also be seen at any time.

Myrista Sebifera: This remedy is good for the patients of Anal fistula where the pus formation is in early stages. Patient feels pain in anus due to pus formation and accumulation.

Lachesis: Good when symptoms include chronic constipation, tight sensation around anal area and very offensive odor of stools. Good for women during and after their menopause.

Other homeopathic medicines used to cure fistula include:

  • Calc Sulf
  • Silicea
  • Collinsonia
  • Sulphur
  • Carboveg
  • Calc Flour
  • Calendula Q
  • Apis mel
  • Graphites
  • Thuja
  • Capsicum
  • and others

Do You Need a Safe Homeopathic Treatment to Cure Fistula?

If you or someone in your family are suffering from anal fistula and need safe, inexpensive and perfect treatment from our homeopathic doctors then you can submit your case right now.

Visit our Start Homeopathic Treatment page, read instructions and send us your complete details using given form. While writing the details of your problem try to explain your condition in detail and share all the feelings and symptoms. It is better to answer following questions while submitting your case:

  • How old is your fistula problem?
  • Have you got some treatment in past or getting some treatment right now. If yes please give details.
  • Are you suffering from acute chronic constipation? If yes for how long?
  • Do you feel difficulty in passing stools.
  • Any pain in or around anus after stools passing?
  • Any itching in or around anal area or in the fistula opening.
  • Is there any pain in fistula? If yes what kind of pain like burning pain, cutting pain, pricking pain.
  • Are you or any one in your family suffering or have been suffering from TB, Cancer, Syphilis, Ulcerative Colitis etc?
  • Only pus is secreted from fistula OR pus mixed with blood is secreted?
  • What is the color of pus?
  • Do you have proper control on bowel movements? Are your sphincter muscles working properly?
  • Have you conducted any medical tests like CT Scan, MRI, Ultrasound or DRE. If yes please attach the reports.

These are some questions that will help our homeopathic doctor to understand your condition. Further questions may be asked after reading your case.

Medical Terms Related to Anal Fistula and Their Meanings:

Anus: The last part of human digestive system and opening from where feces or waste matters are excreted from body is called Anus or Rectum.

Sphincter Muscles: These are special ring type muscles present in the Anus area that can contract and relax to open and close the anus. During excretion, these muscles are relaxed allowing waste matters to leave the body. Most of the times, sphincter muscles keep the anal opening closed due to contractions.

Nausea: Patients feels that he/she is sick.

Abscess: The wound full of pus with severe pain.

Ulcerative Colitis: The inflammation and formation of ulcers occur on the colon’s lining.

Colon: The large intestine of human digestive tract is also called Colon.

Crohn’s Disease: Condition in which inflammation of lining of digestive system occurs.

Diverticulitis: Small pouches are formed that are attached with the colon (outside). These pouches are then infected with bacteria and are inflamed.

IBS: Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome





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    yesterday i had a visit to surgeon to check a wound existed on top of rectum area. After he checked and said that you are suffering in Fistula in Ano problem and he recommended surgery .
    I am suffering from this disease since 1 year and 2 months because i had twice timme typhoid attacks in same year. After treatment of typhoid a wound started to built i was feeling chronic pains but now i have not lots of pain or continuous pain, but mostly i feel itching,minor burning/pinching etc.Never seen blood in toilet .
    (One thing more i feel abdominal uncomfortably also. gases which was not releases normally. stool quantity was less. Abdominal bag was not flush completely . More than one time i was feeling call of nature in a day but mostly i sited in toilet for long time but still abdominal comfort feeling occurs.NOW medical officer advised medicines. i m using them and feeling good ).
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    on may, i went to see another surgeon for checkup and for second opinion. i was told that it is a fistula in the ano and i need to undergo a surgery because it is the only option. but the doctor clearly stated that there is no guarantee that the condition will not recur.
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    1. Hi Sevi, Fistula can be cured using homeopathic medicines without surgery. I have sent an email with more details. Please check and reply back. Thank You.

  13. Hii, I am sufferring from recurring perianal abscess for the last 7 years. I have lost count of how many times i had had it. First two times i underwent drainage and incision but after that i started taking homeopathy medicines with which the boil burts in a day or two. I was also diagnosed with TB in that area for which i had taken medicines for 18 months. The doctors were of the view that it would not recur anymore but its still keeps on coming back. The abscess never use to heal with antibiotics but one antibiotic had started working on it linezolid 600mg(twice a day for 5 days).I am taking gunpowder3x and arnica twice a days after meal as suggested by a homeo doc. But the abscess keeps on returning.Doctrs are suggesting a surgery but they are not able to confirn whether it has turned into a fistula.Kindly help.

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    1. Hi Rahul,

      It looks that you are suffering from Piles as fluid and mass coming directly from inside Anus. Homeopathic medicines are very effective in treating both Piles and Fistula. If you are interested in treatment, please let me know.

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    I m suffering from fistula since 19 months. it’s very painful experience. pus is always coming and some time blood. There is fealing of itching.i have taken many medicine. Lopathy as well as homeopathic.but still not cure.befoure some years back I m also suffering from piles but now it is cure . But I m really fedup by fistula. I don’t know what to do. It is also affected my married life .At present I m pregnant and I m very stressful condition. Because doctor told me ur mother was dead bcoz of cancer so might be this will become cancerous after some time if u I’ll not operate .So plz sir help me out to get rid from this .

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    Today I visited the doctor and he informed me that I have fistula but it is in the initial stage as the track has not formed. Here said that as of now nothing will be done and that I have to wait and let the situation worsen so that the track forms completely. After that a surgery will be done. This is being done to ensure the operation does not fail.
    I am a little confused.
    I developed an abscess just above my anus three weeks ago. It’s mouth is of the size of pin head. There is negligible discharge and no pain but the mouth is not healing. I consulted a homeopath doctor here and he is giving me omeo piles and gun powder 3x(pills that I have to dissolve in Hoyt water and drink two times a day). I am not seeing any major development.
    I am a little worried after today’s doctors analysis.
    Kindly advice any remedy for me and please confirm that is my condition treatable without surgery through homeopathy. If yes then how long will it take. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rusty,

      As your Fistula is in the early stage, it is better to start treatment. It is not recommended to wait for “complete development and formation” of Fistula tract and then do a painful surgery which is of course not a solution. I recommend you to take proper Homeopathic treatment and get rid of this before it becomes more complex. I have also sent you an email. Please check that.
      Thank You.

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  21. Hi Sir, I had hemorrhoids problem 2 weeks back , I visited to doctor he prescribed me some oinment and asked me to ad more fiber diet. I started using oinnent ,I immediately got releif in pain but it started some kind of red pea size bluster. Which had pus inside. I thought it is normal , it started draining after 3 days and I got releif in pain. I relalize after 2-3 days again started coming pea size pus bluster. I applied some antibiotic ointment but still is coming with some pus after every 2-3 days .

    After doing so much research online, it looks like either I have fistula or abscess . I have ordered some homeopatic medicine to cure.

    1 Hepar Sulphuris Calcareum Pellets 200C 2 dram
    1 Myristica Sebifera Pellets 6X 2 dram
    1 Silicea Pellets 200C 2 dram
    1 Calcarea Sulphurica Pellets 12X 2 dram

    Can you please advice if this medicine will help me or not?

    1. Hi,
      It is not recommended to order/use homeopathic medicines after doing your own “research”. It may make things worse. You must consult some reputed homeopathic doctor to get right treatment and remedies. If you want to get treatment from our doctor on panel, please reply back. I have sent an email to you.

  22. This is a fistula petient S. Mondal I want to know why this is so much of blood disperse after 2-3 days and amount of pus is less. I am already taking homeopathic medicine for 5 months now the one track is heal but the big track on the same side is still not recovered. I want an email from you that why this much of blood and what should be the remedy.

    1. Hi Mondal,

      It is better to contact your current homeopathic doctor about your condition as he/she know better about the medicines you are taking. Both blood and pus can be secreted from Fistula opening. Sometimes there is more pus and sometimes more blood. If you are satisfied with the treatment, then stick with it. No other medicines should be used without first asking from your doctor (who is treating you).
      If you are not satisfied with your current treatment and want to get our treatment, then you should only use our recommended medicines.
      Thank You.

    1. Hi Etim,
      Please check in your local area/country whether Homeopathic Medicines are easily available or not. If Yes, you can get consultation from our doctor on board and get the treatment under his supervision.
      Thank You.

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  24. I got my fissure operation done on June 2013 now agai n this month I started feeling pain and problem .
    How to consult you and get the medicine
    Earlier before my operation I have taken homeopathy medicine for many years but didn’t got any relief so I have lost faith
    Please help me
    How to pay you and get medicine

  25. सर्
    मुझे 2015 मई में anal ओपनिंग के पास बहोत ही दर्द वाला एक फोड़ा हुआ और 2 दिन में उस से pus निकल गया और वो बिल्कुल ठीक हो गया अभी 2 सितंबर 2017 को फिर वैसा ही हुआ उसी जगह और एंटीबायोटिक लेने के बाद वह ठीक हो गया है उसमें कोई pus nahi आ रहा लेकिन फोड़ा का निशान है और वहां की स्किन भी सॉफ्ट है कोई दर्द भी नही है मैं क्या करूँ??

    I got a boil near my Anus with an open opening in May 2015 and the pus was removed from it in 2 days and it was completely cured. Then again on September 2, 2017, it was the same place and after taking antibiotic it got cured. There is no pus coming in it but there is a mark of boil and there is also soft skin, there is no pain, what should I do?

    1. Hi Mahendra,
      Your symptom shows that there is some internal issue. Antibiotics will heal the wounds for the time being but it may re-occur. All pus and infection from inside must be removed completely for complete cure. I have sent you an email for further steps.
      Thank You.

  26. dear sir
    i am Niaz from karachi i am suffering from fistulla since 3 years i takes allot of Madecin but no relief pls advice contact me pls 03122576004 03332264412

  27. Sir,
    I suffered from the fistula last year, I did the surgery last month, but there is some pus and blood come out constantly, so I do not want to go for the second surgery
    Please kindly recomment me what to do i am so worry
    Your sincerely

    1. Hi Boua,
      Surgery is often not successful for most of the Fistula patients and there is the need of 2-3+ surgeries. Sometimes, single surgery gives relief. But in Homeopathy, surgery is not recommended for Fistula as it can be drained, dried, healed and closed without it by using Homeopathic medicines for few months.
      I have sent you an email. If you want to proceed with treatment, please reply back.
      Thank You.

  28. I am suffering from fistula and fissures, i have the fistula problem since around 3 years, when it burst it bleeds, i never ovserved whether there is pus or not.
    I am 33 years

  29. Hi Sir.

    Please help me with my perianal fistula. I am scheduled for surgery in January 2018 BUT i really dont want to proceed. These last 3 weeks, my fistula constantly dischrge yellowish pus, especially afternoon until night. DESPERATELY need ur advise and help.

  30. hi

    I have a fistula for the past 20 so years, it hasent bothered me much as it only releases pus and a bit of blood 1 ou 2 times a yea…. but from a week ago iv been with a bit of pain and im feed up want cure… can you please help

    1. Hi peter,
      Fistula should be treated using homeopathic medicines so that it is fully drained, dried and healed. I have sent you an email to start treatment process.
      Thank You.

  31. I have fistula since last two months passed through two surgeries but there is still pus discharge plz recommend medicine thanks

  32. I have been suffering from fistula in ano for about 1 month now. In Allopathy treatment yellowish pus came out. Now slightly reddish pus comming. Doctor told me that he will do surgery. Please Sir I need your homeopathic treatment to cure this disease completely so as to be free from inconvenience of this disease. I am awaiting your suggession as earliest as possible.

  33. Dear Friends,,Try homeopathy before going for surgery,it took 6 months for me to get completely recovered using homeopathy medicines,approch good constitutional homeopath.

  34. Hi,Sir.
    I am suffering from analfistula last 4year.I am very wory sir.please sir tell me homeopathic medicine names and detail who I use it.please sir
    My you live long.

  35. Sir I am suffering from fistula since last 3 month.pus & blood comes out from d fistula hole.sometimes it pains not continuously. I have two piles since 8year bt no problem. Dr advice me for surgery. Plz advice me that this treatment is possible without surgery. And hw much time it take to heal.

  36. I am suffering internal piles and 3rd degree fistula ano Since one year…. While defecating pus discharging and pain….I can’t sit 2 more hours after bowl……..I want permanently cure from this dicese…please assist me …Thank you.

  37. Hi, I’m 49 and have had Crohn’s (dx at 18 with 22” resection)… did a course of Remicade in the 90s… no other treatment til 2015 where I had two allergic reactions to Remicade… on August 17 this year I went in for Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and during the surgery they also did another 5” resection (small bowel both times) and a AnoVag Seton (so there is, obviously, communication) My Gastro Dr wants me to start Stelara soon (about a week after surgery I got an infection in the incision and I still have a wound vac)… I just want to feeeeel better… soooo don’t want to do pharmaceuticals…

  38. Hello sir
    My name is Dhansukh Rana I am 39 years old, infected with fistula last year pus discharged without blood. I had done MRI also so please suggest me homeopathic medicine

  39. Dear Doctor, I am writing this message from Pune to take your valuable advice for my 1.3 year baby boy who is suffering from perianal abscess. His abscess was drained through OT Procedure on the 21st of September 2017 and it got closed on 15th of October 2017. But a small hole reappeared on the 21st of October. It also got closed in few days.
    A small lump nearer to the anus but doctor gave an antibiotic which helped in its disappearance.
    Doctor, the hole appeared again now. Its size is increasing. Its oozing as well.
    Surgeon suspected connection with the intestine and requires another surgery.
    Doctor we look forward to your advice.

  40. Am fedup with my fistula from last 4 months. Pus coming near from anus. No blood coming. After discharging of pus no pain and feel happy. All other time really fed up. Can u help me


  42. Hi,

    I have fistula , had this issue it 2 years ago and I was not aware it is fistula,
    recently it re occurred and confirmed with the doctor.

    I am 29year male.

    1. Hi Sunitha,
      Thank You for your comment. I have just sent you an email for instructions to proceed for Fistula treatment. Fistula can be cured completely within few months without surgery.

  43. I am 54 years old. I am suffering from anal Fistula since 9 months. I would like to cure it without surgery. Please help me .

    1. Hi Ramkrishna Karmakar,
      Thank You for your query. I have sent you an email with instructions on how to proceed for treatment.

  44. I started homeopathy medicine after 20 days pus not coming out… But there is pain burning in wound… Pus not coming means it curing or not pls tell me….. I had stop eating non veg.. Spcy food also….

  45. Hi, i have had surgery for fistula in ano. The cavity of wound is filled completely but last part of wound not healing from 5 months.
    Can you suggest best doctor in hyderabad in homeo.

  46. I have multi track fistula for 2 years. Have had surgery once but they chat remove it all because of it being so close to my sphincter muscle. I don’t want surgery. They think that I may have Crohns causing it but I want cute for both Crohns and complicated fistula without surgery

  47. Hi i am 29 year old male i had perirectal abscess from last 3 years. It heals automatically but comes back automatically. Can you suggest any homepathic medicine.

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